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About us

As M2Stream we have been operating on the market since 2017, but in practice we have experience of over 20 years, allowing us to create investments that others may be afraid of.

Our contact with the Client is based on timeliness, responsibility and individual approach to the project. Our strength is experienced engineering staff which is a guarantee of high quality and innovative projects

We can undertake cooperation in consulting, design and implementation of your investment.


What can we do for you?


We deal with everything that gives heat, from gas boiler rooms, floor heating, wall heating, radiators, heat pumps and even solar installations.

Air conditioning

From standard freon to ice water. Regardless of what your installation will be powered, we will definitely take care of it.


Drinking water installations, fire extinguishing stations and pumping stations are just some of our options.


We provide comprehensive gas installations based on natural gas as well as liquid gas. Heating of halls by radiators as well as gas heaters. We also assemble all gas tanks.


Rainwater and sanitary sewage systems, connections, sewage systems and pressure installations.


Ventilation, heat recovery from air, smoke exhaust and aeration installations. We can put all this in each of your facilities.

Izolacja techniczna

Wykonujemy izolację techniczną z kauczuku, wełny mineralnej i polietylenu. Wykonujemy instalacje sanitarne w płaszczu z blachy ocynkowanej, aluminiowej oraz nierdzewnej.

Przeglądy i roboty przeciwpożarowe

Przeglądy, konserwacje, naprawy hydrantów i gaśnic; impregnacja ogniochronna tkanin, drewna, papieru; malowanie ogniochronne elementów stalowych; oznakowanie budynków znakami ewakuacyjnymi i p-poż; przejścia p-poż, dylatacje p-poż; dokumentacja p-poż

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